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Event Technology Solutions Company

Event Technology Solutions is an European leader in LED production and manufacturing providing innovative products and offering a comprehensive service package including design, professional advice, installation and technical support

“Event Technology Solutions is a pool of professionals passionate about LED technology and its possibilities to materialize ideas of customers coming from different industries. Whether it is a small private show or a world class event – our 20 years experience allows us to satisfy most demanding requirements.

Unique projects, fixed installations or technical services – it is all our daily craft and we love every second of it.

Each and every product we release to the market is another tailor made solution for our customer. It is always a perfect match to situation, weather conditions, overall design of the place and an exact reflection of budget capabilities. By controlling every single aspect of the process, from an advice to after sales services – we maintain highest cost efficiency rate as the flagship of our services.

Event Technology Solutions is proud to be part of many extraordinary events. Being recognized and trusted by professionals with record breaking ideas is an honor. We demand only the highest level of quality standard for every solution provided.

All individuals, organizations & professionals from any kind of industries are welcome to share ideas and concepts. Being constantly on the edge of innovation Event Technology Solutions welcomes you to start a long lasting partnership.”

Event Technology Solutions Company


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